1. Using RRSPs to buy your first home through the HBP

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages What you’ll learn What are the eligibility requirements under the HBP? What is the HBP? How much money can I withdraw from my RRSPs under the HBP? How does the repayment of RRSP funds under the HBP program work? Updated September 9th 2019. Buying your first home can certainly be an adventure, […]

  2. How to prepare for a mortgage application

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages What you’ll learn Making time for your mortgage broker Separating your wants from your needs Painting a financial picture Leaving nothing to chance Making time for your mortgage broker Write down all the questions going through your head ahead of time, and most importantly, get ready to be honest. You’re going […]

  3. City or suburb: The pros and cons

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages What you’ll learn Find cheaper properties in the suburbs, but pay more for transportation Consider the proximity of services in the city Calculate commute time Think about space Assess the air quality and noise pollution Get a mortgage pre-qualification City or suburb? It’s an important question if you’re thinking about buying […]

  4. 7 activities to do at home with your family

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages In the current situation, you may be finding it hard to keep your kids busy. As the choice of activities and gatherings are limited until further notice, children may find the day long—but with a little imagination, you can still have fun with your family at home. Host your own Olympic […]

  5. How to become a homeowner in a seller’s market

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages What you’ll learn Determining your needs Getting pre-approved for a mortgage Saving up for a bigger down payment Taking advantage of incentives Buying a home to renovate For the past few years, the Quebec real estate market has been a seller’s market. The limited number of available properties and the large […]

  6. Why property owners should watch out for legal hypothecs

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages What you’ll learn Types of legal hypothecs Consequences for the owner How to protect yourself against a legal hypothec Most people are familiar with real estate mortgages, even if they aren’t homeowners. For many, securing a mortgage is an essential step to owning property. But did you know there are many […]

  7. Why a mortgage pre-qualification ?

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages What you’ll learn What does pre-qualifying for a mortgage mean? Why should I pre-qualify for a mortgage? What is the maximum amount of financing I can afford to buy a property? What’s the difference between pre-qualifying with a financial institution and pre-qualifying for a mortgage with Mortgage Intelligence? Is it possible […]

  8. A step-by-step guide for first-time home buyers

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages, in collaboration with National Bank What you’ll learn Day 1 – Make your budget Day 2 – Calculate your borrowing capacity Day 3 – Calculate additional expenses Day 4 – Get your mortgage pre-qualified Day 5 – Find your dream home Day 35 – Make a promise to purchase Day 45 – Get a mortgage Day 50 – Make two appointments with your notary Day 60 – Move in […]

  9. First-time home buyers: Have you thought about property tax?

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages What you’ll learn Where does your tax money go? The property assessment roll Can you appeal your property assessment? After months of hunting, you’ve finally found your dream home. Congratulations! But before making an offer, have you looked into how much the property taxes are in the municipality where it’s located? […]

  10. The right way to remodel your garage

    by Mortgage Intelligence Mortgages What you’ll learn Decluttering, cleaning, and planning Vertical storage, economical solutions A garage for the do-it-yourselfer More ambitious projects If you want to remodel your garage, you may be experiencing a number of desires or frustrations. Perhaps it’s overflowing with items you’re storing “for now.” Maybe you’d like to get more […]